Macro scripts

Macros are one-file C# files which can be executed within for HaxeDevelop.


Here is a macro which "flattens" single line XML code in the current document.

// FlattenXML.cs
using System;
using PluginCore;

public class FlattenXML
   public static void Execute()
      ScintillaNet.ScintillaControl sci = PluginBase.MainForm.CurrentDocument.SciControl;
      if (sci == null) return; // document not editable

      string src = sci.Text; // WARNING: reading/writing sci.Text property is slow
      sci.Text = src.Replace("><", ">\n<");

Save the script

We recommend to save this as .cs file in your user directory (from HaxeDevelop main menu: Tools > User Config Files) which corresponds to the $(BaseDir) variable, but it can really be anywhere.

Add the script

The macro properties are pretty straightforward:

  • AutoRun - Optionally execute macro on startup
  • Entries - List of basic macro commands (click <...> to edit)
  • Image - Pick an icon number
  • Label - Text of the menu item
  • Shortcut - Obviously a shortcut to execute your macro

Test the script

For quick testing you can simply select your .cs file manually from main menu: Macros > Run Script.

During development, use this action to make sure the script is reloaded/recompiled every time:


When your script is completed, you want to make sure the script is only compiled once:


Note: Please don't confuse macro scripts with the Haxe Macros, this is something different.

Snippets editor

The Snippet Compiler Live 2008 Ultimate Edition for Developers!

This is free, lightweight C# editor offering actually good code completion and compilation - precisely designed to quickly code and compile one class (typically to create a little command line application).

So download Snippet Compiler (SC) and run it. You'll be presented with a default C# class for a command line application.

The template class has 2 methods: RunSnippet and Main. This is a nice way to let you write your code in RunSnippet and to not worry about the usual try/catch and ReadKey when you test a command-line application.

For HaxeDevelop macro scripts:

  • Compile your script using SC to trap compile errors.
  • this means a public static void Main() method is required, SC compiles command line application only
  • Keep the default class as-is. Use RunSnippet() for your tests outside HaxeDevelop.
  1. For most code completion needs you'll have to add a "reference" to FlashDevelop's PluginCore:
    • In SC, select: Tools > References > File System
    • Choose <...> to browse to HD program files and choose PluginCore.dll. Double-click once to add it in the DLL list at the bottom of the dialog, then click Ok. You may have to re-add the reference when you restart SC.
  2. You will then simply add a public static void Execute() method with your FD script.
  3. Code, compile with Ctrl+Shift+B to control your code is ok, then test in HaxeDevelop.