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HaxeDevelop 5.1

Release date: 24-02-2016
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Release notes

This is the first HaxeDevelop distro build.

List of changes
  • Added support for AIR/FP 20 and 21
  • More info is now shown in the status bar
  • Added mouse wheel support to window list menu
  • Word highlight color added to the editor dialog
  • Dialog for move refactoring added
  • Rename project from ProjectManager added
  • Include available refactor menus in code generation list
  • Less aggressive completion code reformatter
  • Sort imports by package then by name
  • Store watch expressions between FD sessions
  • Lots of new theme settings added and theming fixes and improvements
  • Improved detection and handling of different 8-bit encodings
  • Remove selection and highlights when text is cleared in QuickFind
  • StartPage lost reference to DockPanel on layout restore fixed
  • Added BaseDir to BuildEventVars and fixed FDBuild and ToolsDir paths
  • Fixed $(FDBuild) and $(ToolsDir) showing wrong values in project properties dialog
  • Support for hotkeys added for converting to uppercase and lowercase in rename form
  • Find and replace in document dialog is now resizable
  • Control+F now focuses find in find and replace dialogs
  • 64-bit version of FlashDevelop added [experimental]
  • Added .flump as json file extension
  • Added .resx as xml file extension
  • Caret policy changed for better position control
  • Delayed FlashConnect and project manager focused on first run
  • Debugger panels are now docked together on first run
  • More Results panel shortcuts added
  • Greatly improved shortcut dialog
  • Fixed interface detection inside SWC files
  • Haxe and AS3 parsing changes, autocompletion should be better in several cases
  • Fixes for several common edge cases in code generation
  • Fixed interface implementation for Haxe
  • Change Haxe search URL to new API location
  • Haxe Java/C# templates added
  • Korean translation added

.. and lots of optimizations, other fixes and minor improvements

Installation options


HaxeDevelop is available in English, Chinese, Japanese and German.

Multi-instance mode

During the installation you can choose to allow multiple instances of the application.

Getting started

The Haxe compiler is not implemented in HaxeDevelop and should be downloaded using the App Manager, which is launched on the first run.

Open source

HaxeDevelop is being developed on GitHub. Feel free to contribute, test the latest build and don't forget to star us on Github!

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You can help fund the development of HaxeDevelop and this supported project by making a donation to the Haxe Foundation.