Learning the editor


We'll always offer word completion, but for our main languages, we offer true IntelliSense.

  • Open the context sensitive IntelliSense using CTRL+SPACE.
  • To get a full list of classes, press CTRL+ALT+SPACE.
HaxeDevelop IntelliSense

Hint: The suggestions filtering supports CamelCase so you can type the upper case letters of a method or class name to directly go to a suggestion.

For example, "dt" will quickly bring up DateTools.


To open a resource, press Ctrl+R and search for a class or file in the project.

HaxeDevelop IntelliSense

Go to definition

If the language supports it, you can go to the definition of a symbol by pressing F4. To navigate back, press Shift-F4.

Duplicate lines in HaxeDevelop

Quick selection

  • Shrink your selection using Ctrl+Shift+Left.
  • Expand your selection using Ctrl+Shift+Right.
Make a selection in HaxeDevelop

Multiline selection

Press and hold Alt and make selection over multiple lines. Multi lines selection in HaxeDevelop

Duplicating lines

Press Ctrl+D to duplicate a line.

Duplicate lines in HaxeDevelop

Move lines up/down

Press Ctrl+Alt+Up and Ctrl+Alt+Down to move the current selected line up or down.

Moving lines in HaxeDevelop


Navigate in results

  • To navigate to the next result in the results panel, press F12.
  • To show the previous result in the results panel, press Shift+F12.

Browse through HaxeDevelop resultspanel