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If you need help on installing HaxeDevelop, read the Installation instructions.

Download HaxeDevelop 5.3.2

Release date: 19-02-2018
Download Windows Installer
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For Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7+.

Release notes

This fixes some issues found after the previous release, enjoy.

List of changes
  • Fixed errors after executing Assign statement to variable
  • Fixed errors after executing Generate constructor and Generate toString
  • And more a small improvements in the autocomplete and Goto Declaration
  • Added information about the program's bit depth about dialog
  • Removed actuate dependency from OpenFL project template
  • Updated template for creating MXML file
  • Improvement of autocomplete for new Vector.<*> for as3
  • Fixed bugs leading to errors when working with debugger for as3

Installation options


HaxeDevelop is available in English, Chinese, Japanese and German.

Multi-instance mode

During the installation you can choose to allow multiple instances of the application.

Getting started

The Haxe compiler is not implemented in HaxeDevelop and should be downloaded using the App Manager, which is launched on the first run.

Open source

HaxeDevelop is being developed on GitHub. Feel free to contribute, test the latest build and don't forget to star us on Github!

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You can help fund the development of HaxeDevelop and this supported project by making a donation to the Haxe Foundation.