Configure Haxe

Set Haxe compiler version

Tools > Program Settings > HaxeContext > Installed Haxe SDKs

If you use multiple Haxe versions you can list all compiler versions here.

Configure Haxe SDK

Download specific Haxe versions here

Set Haxe version per project

Project > Properties > SDK

You can define a specific Haxe SDK for a project. This used version is saved in the project file (.hxproj).

Set Haxe SDK in HaxeDevelop project

Add Haxe libraries to the project

Project > Properties > Compiler Options > Libraries

Define the list of haxelibs here. Use a new line for every library:

HaxeDevelop configure Haxelibs

The used libraries will be shown as References in the Project Panel:

HaxeDevelop Haxe library references in Project Panel

Download more than 1000 free Haxelibs on

Set Haxe compiler defines

Configure Haxe Defines in HaxeDevelop

Read more about conditional compilation and compiler usage.

Configure completion mode settings

Tools > Program Settings > HaxeContext > Completion modes

The most complete completion will be provided by the Haxe Compiler and faster using the CompletionServer. Alternatively FlashDevelop includes basic support for Haxe completion.