Welcome to HaxeDevelop



The .NET open source editor for Haxe developers.

Getting started easily

To start your development journey with HaxeDevelop:

  1. Install SDKs and other tools for your development from: Tools -> Install Software...
  2. Restart HaxeDevelop so that it can detect the installed tools and SDKs properly
    > If you installed version control tools, remember to enable them from settings
  3. It is highly advisable to take a careful look at the HaxeDevelop features tour
  4. Create a new project from: Project -> New Project and you are good to code

HaxeDevelop offers advanced features that are not obvious to discover. Read more from our documentation.

Important shortcuts

You really want to remember these:

  • Ctrl+Shift+1: contextual code generation (it's MAGIC!)
  • Ctrl+Space: contextual completion list - also, press Tab to expand snippets like 'for', 'while', etc.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Space: method call-tip (the yellow window with current method's signature)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Space: list all project classes (as after ':' or keywords like "new")
  • F4: go to declaration of element at cursor location.
  • Shift+F4: jump back after F4 or code generation.
  • F1: when you see "..." in a (yellow) tip, you can press F1 to see a more detailed tip.
  • Escape: Close the completion list and method call-tip (or press Ctrl key to hide them).