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HaxeDevelop 5.3

Release date: 13-11-2017
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Release notes

This release is a large one due to the highly active contributors, lots of fixes and improvements and new features included. Once again as this is a major release we will follow up with minor releases asap if needed and big thanks go to our awesome contributors and supporters!

List of changes
  • Update to .NET 4.0
  • AIR27 and FP27 lib updates
  • Haxe hxml project import added
  • Code completion and generation improvements
  • Full theming support added with one new theme
  • Overall UI usability and perf improvements
  • SourceControl improvements
  • Diagnostics completion added
  • Multiple results panel support added
  • Clipboard history support added
  • Dynamic batch processor
  • Linting manager added

Installation options


HaxeDevelop is available in English, Chinese, Japanese and German.

Multi-instance mode

During the installation you can choose to allow multiple instances of the application.

Getting started

The Haxe compiler is not implemented in HaxeDevelop and should be downloaded using the App Manager, which is launched on the first run.

Open source

HaxeDevelop is being developed on GitHub. Feel free to contribute, test the latest build and don't forget to star us on Github!

Become a supporter

You can help fund the development of HaxeDevelop and this supported project by making a donation to the Haxe Foundation.